Monday, February 6, 2023

Why Should I Choose Sunless Tanning?

According to studies, too much sunbathing negatively affects the human body and skin. Sunless tanning is an alternative to sunbathing. Sunless tanning is otherwise known as self tanning, UV-free tanning or spray tanning. Sunless tanning is the process of applying chemicals onto the skin in order to achieve similar results as that of sun tanning. Sunless tanning is the better option as you do not have to expose yourself to the suns UV rays, which may cause skin cancer. The products for sunless tanning will provide a tanned appearance to your skin without exposing it to the dangerous UV rays of the sun.

You can find products for sunless tanning in the form of sprays, gels, lotions, pills and creams. The ingredient contained in most of the sunless tanners is DHA or Dihydroxyacetone. DHA is kind of sugar that reacts with the amino acids contained in the skin cells. This reaction will make your skin brown or tanned. The color of the skin after the application of the sun tanner depends on the amount of DHA absorbed by the skin. If your skin absorbs little of DHA, your skin will turn into a pleasant golden brown. If the skin absorbs too much of DHA, the skin will become darker.

Every person’s skin is different; you must take this into account when purchasing a sunless tanning product. Lotions and creams may provide a deeper tan as they contain more DHA content. Such sun tanners are suitable for olive skinned people or people with a base tan. If your color is pale, then it is better to choose one that increases your tan gradually. By doing this, you can identify the color that is suitable for you. Sunless tanning is safe when compared to sunbathing as you can avoid excessive tanning of your skin.

Since you are not exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun, the aging process of your skin will not speed up, which is what, occurs in the case of frequent sun exposure. Sunless tanning is affordable when compared to a tanning booth or bed which are more costly. Sunbathing is not costly, but it has dangerous after effects. Sunless tanning is also an easier option as you don’t have to spend much time to get tanned in comparison to sunbathing and tanning booths or tanning bed procedures.

Sunless tanning is very easy because you just have to apply cream, gel, spray or lotion. By using sunless tanning you can experience the effects of tanning within one or two hours. Sunless tanning can be done anywhere at any time. The color received from a sunless tan will only last for 5 to 7 days after applying it. If you would like to increase you tanning, then you have to just re-apply the sunless tanning product onto your skin. Sunless tanning products do not harm the skin as they do not cause any allergies or negative effects. Sunless tanning can help you to achieve tanned skin that looks natural.

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